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Kra Keiyuu Oni
I saw that someone had already posted this to msinc, so I didn't hurry to get it uploaded; however, here's my high-quality rip for anyone interested. ♥ (The album's great, by the way, for anyone who hasn't heard it!)


o2. HAPPyyy!!LAND
o3. Woody Nightmare
o4. Mix Theater~ANIMAL Ver.~
o5. 「SOS」 Toy's Factory
o6. 春。恋しい人

Download: Mediafire | Megaupload

As always, feel free to pass the files along to other people and/or communities. Credit is nice but not necessary, comments are love, and let me know if any of the links go down. Enjoy!
3rd-Jan-2010 10:37 am - Super Secret Pig Latin Upload! XD
Kra Keiyuu Oni
Okay darlings, here's the drill:

I've got the lovely new tkcaG single for ya'll (read it backwards, I'm trying to hide from search engines) - evilA ediR eht yatS. I bought the special edition version while I was in Tokyo on the 1st, so that means I have all three tracks plus both bonus DVDs.

I'm more than happy to share, but I've heard too many accounts of the TKCAG gestapo surfing about on the internet and getting LJers banned for sharing his stuff, and I'm trying to avoid that - so this is how we're going to handle this. If you'd like the download links, follow these simple steps:

o1. Comment on this entry. In the subject line, write 'Cool like plastic!' so that I know to read your comment right away (lest it collect dust in my inbox for awhile.) In the body of the comment, write what you'd like - the .mp3s, the DVDs, or some combination. Also tell me if you want Megaupload or Mediafire. (If you're not sure, I've included the list of file names at the end of this entry - written backwards, of course. XD) Please try to avoid writing out the regular titles of the files you want, for the same search-engine related reasons - either copy and paste the backwards version, as I've written in, or just include the track numbers.

o2. I send you the files, and all is happy and LJ banned-free. Huzzah!

If you do take this upload from me, you're welcome to share the files, as always, with other people and communities. However, be advised that you do so at your own risk. Some artists are watched more heavily than others for these sorts of things, and Ga-san seems to be one of them. So be careful where you post the files!

Here's what the new single contains (again, read backwards):

Audio CD:

o1. evilA ediR eht yatS
o2. tidE cissalC evilA ediR eht yatS
o3. latnemurtsni evilA ediR eht yatS


o1. mliF cisuM evilA ediR eht yatS
o2. .rev elgna itlum evilA ediR eht yatS


o1. mliF cisuM edaceD eht hguorht yenrouJ
o2. mliF ameniC cisuM edaceD txeN ehT
o3. ~tidE leaR~ mliF cisuM evilA ediR eht yatS
o4. "evilA ediR eht yatS" fo gnikaM

Sorry for the pain-in-the-ass-ness of this, guys, but I had a really long debate over whether I should risk uploading the files and this was the happy compromise I reached. Hopefully someone actually wants the things after all this trouble. XD

Cheers, and Happy New Year! ♥
Kra Keiyuu Oni
Have I mentioned lately just how very, very much I love Kra? ♥

Kra - bird [28.10.2009] / Limited Edition

o1. bird
o2. 水風船

Download: Megaupload | Mediafire

Music Clip - bird

High Quality Rip (227 MB): Megaupload
Low Quality Rip (26 MB): Megaupload | Mediafire
.mp4 Format (18 MB): Megaupload | Mediafire
Kra Keiyuu Oni
Here you go, guys. ♥ My HQ rips of both the music video and the .mp3 files. I named the PV something strange to try and keep the copyright monkeys off the link, but if it goes down let me know and I'll try to get it up somewhere else.

The single is in .rar format, and both links are upload to Megaupload and Mediafire. If you need another server, let me know.

o2. 瞞し (Mayakashi)

Download: Megaupload | Mediafire

Edit: strings_of_love pointed out my mistake in the romaji of the B-side track ~ I fixed it here on the LJ, but it's still wrong in the file name. Sorry about that, guys, and thanks strings_of_love!


.avi Download (155 MB): Megaupload | Mediafire
.mp4 Download (17 MB): Megaupload | Mediafire

... So is anyone else in mourning for Kai's hair? ;__; Ruki's looking a bit grungy, too and not in the good way. Ah well, Uruha looks amazing enough to make up for all of them. XD

I'm a bit luke-warm on the single itself - something of a disappointment after DIM, which I think is easily one of their better albums. Thoughts, anyone?

On the files: You guys know the drill. Credit is nice but not necessary, comments are love, and feel free to share the files and/or links with other people and communities. If there's a problem with the links or if you need another server, let me know. This entry will stay public, so feel free to direct people this way as well - I always love to see more traffic through this place. ♥

Kra Keiyuu Oni
Look what came in the mail today ... ♥

BIG BANG MUSIC! [26.09.2009]
Download: Megaupload (92.95 MB)

o1. BIG BANG MUSIC!~seishun walker~
o2. Yuuwakusei Rhythm
o4. Romeo no Melody
o5. Boku. Mikazuki
o6. Tsuzuku sekai
o9. Kannou Game
1o. YOU♪Ai♪Message
11. White feel

DVD Clip: DoDo & PaPa's [7 NIGHT PARADE] kouen no digest eizou

+ Download (low quality version): Megaupload (215.18 MB)

+ Download (high quality version):
Part o1 (Megaupload) 500 MB
Part o2 (Megaupload) 500 MB
Part o3 (Megaupload) 158.86 MB

*The DVD also came with the Romeo no Melody PV and the Yuuwakusei Rhythm PV, but since these have already been with the singles I didn't bother to upload them. However, if you need them yet, let me know.

**If anyone wants the .mp4 version of this file for their mp3 players, let me know. ♥

You guys know the drill: feel free to ask if you need a different server or a re-upload on anything. Credit is nice but not necessary, comments are love, and feel free to share the download links and/or files with other people and communities.

Enjoy ~ ♥
Kra Keiyuu Oni
No doubt this is already up all over the place, but since I'm a quality whore and just ripped my own copy I figured I'd post it up here anyway for whoever wants it. (I bought the version with the photobook instead of the video clips, so before anyone asks - no, I don't have them. Sadly.)

You know the drill: credit is nice but not necessary, comments are love, let me know if there are any problems or if you require a different server, and feel free to re-upload and/or share with other fans and communities.

Released: 08/26/2009

o1. Mother
o2. cord name [JUSTICE]
o3. Jigsaw Jigsaw ~ジグソー Q.E.D. version~
o4. 罪と罰 ~神様のアリバイ~ (Tsumi to batsu ~kamisama no alibi~)
o5. 眠り姫 (Nemuri hime)
o6. チェリーチェリー (Cherry Cherry)
o7. 1954 LOVE/HATE
o8. I'm not a ghost
o9. 優しい嘘 (Yasashii uso)
1o. 黒い太陽 (Kuroi taiyou)
11. Maria
12. 20+∞Century Boys

Full Album Download (HQ Rip): Megaupload

Enjoy! ♥

(P.S. - I'm going to try - and will probably fail - to get tickets to their show on Nov. 2nd in Tokyo. Anyone else thinking of going?)
Kra Keiyuu Oni
Oioioioi, sorry for the wait on this, guys - August has proven to be an insane month. 0.o;

In case anyone's still looking for this, here is my HQ DVD rip of the GazettE's 'Making of DIM' clip.

I've uploaded the clip to Megaupload because of its size, even though I know that doesn't work for some of you - since it's been so long, I haven't a clue who still might need this. If you do and MU doesn't work for you, let me know.

The file is a bit ginormous (929MB). I can break it into parts, or convert it into a smaller file of slightly lesser quality if anyone would like it that way instead.

HQ DVD Rip (.avi): Megaupload

Does anyone want the .mp4 version, too?

Also - does anyone still need the Invisible Wall PV re-uploaded? I know there were some server issues going on, but that some other people were kind enough to repost the file while I was on vacation. I don't mind re-upping, just let me know.

And for my Kra fans - is there anyone who isn't already a member of kuukra and wants my HQ rip of the Love Lab PV? I can also rip 'Kraction' if anyone still needs those files. Again, just let me know.

As always - credit is nice but not necessary, comments are love, and feel free to re-upload/share the file with other fans and communities. Let me know if there are any problems or if you require a different server.

Sorry again for the wait! ♥
Kra Keiyuu Oni
My copy came in the mail today and I didn't see this up yet, so I thought I'd share. I'll be uploading the 'Making of' part in a little bit. ♥

the GazettE - The Invisible Wall PV (HQ DVD Rip): Megaupload

mp4 version: Megaupload

Does anyone else totally want to molest Ruki in this video?

As usual, if there's a problem with the links or you need a different server, just ask ... credit is nice but not necessary, comments are love, and feel free to share this with other people/communities. ♥
Kra Keiyuu Oni
I uploaded this for the msinc community, but figured I'd post it here in case anyone else was interested. Everything's been ripped in the highest quality possible - enjoy! ♥

誘ワク星リズム (Yuu wakusei Rhythm) - 07.01.2009

o1. 誘ワク星リズム
o2. 時代が生み出した悲しきウソのバタフライ

Download: Mediafire

誘ワク星リズム [PV]

High quality rip: Megaupload
Mp4 format (for iPods): Megaupload

As usual, if there's a problem with the links or you need a different server, feel free to ask ... credit is nice but not necessary, comments are love, and feel free to share this with other people/communities. ♥
Kra Keiyuu Oni
Holy mother of hide, this took forever. @.x; Thanks for your patience, everyone! (And to anyone who's waiting on anything concerning the PSC uploads, your requests are next!)

At long last, I bring you my rip of Kra's Yaonbirakidayo Zeninshugo live DVD. ♥ Avaliable for download are four different versions of the DVD: a medium-quality, single file version of the complete concert, an ultra high quality rip (divided by song), a low quality rip (divided by song), and an mp4 format version (divided by song). I had various people tell me they liked each version I posted for the PSC upload, so I decided to include all versions in this rip, too - as well as the complete concert in one file, for those who'd rather view it that way.

The complete version is of a decent quality (by 'decent', I mean that I can watch it full-screen on my laptop - which has an obnoxiously huge screen resolution - and it's still fairly clear.) But for the quality whores like me (or the people who are interested in making graphics), there is a pretty marked difference between the full concert upload and the high quality rips. (Fangirls, two words: Ashita. Ya. ♥)

All files have been uploaded to Megaupload, since the links don't expire - but I am willing to upload to another server if someone needs me to. Just let me know. :) Also please let me know if there are any dead links or if anything needs re-uploaded.

And finally - I did spend a lot of time on this, so comments are nice. ^.^ However, credit isn't necessary - if you'd like to share these files in other communities/forums/etc., that's fine with me. This journal entry will remain public, so feel free to link people back here as well.

Edit: I've added MediaFire links for the complete concert file and the HQ version of 'Ashita ya', if anyone's interested! ♥

So, with that said ...

Click for the downloads!Collapse )
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